Fri, 19th July   315
a mistaken and then trolled jiyoon unnie

Fri, 28th June   87


Jeon Jiyoon - Is It Poppin’ MV

Sat, 08th June   82

Guide to how Jiyoon flirts. Picks you, act seductive, wink

Sat, 08th June   510

(SNL Korea) Bad Commenters: Let’s Shut Up - “Gayoon’s middle finger”

Fri, 07th June   33


130607 Jiyoon

Wed, 05th June   119
Tue, 28th May   206

Jiyoon/4nia to 4Minute haters

Tue, 28th May   167
Tue, 28th May   61

adorable jiyoon (◡‿◡✿)

Tue, 28th May   409
Tue, 28th May   105

Cute Jiyoon Gif Set

Mon, 22nd April   248
Sun, 14th April   81

The Ultimate Collection of Jiyoon’s selcas.  ✿ヽ(●´∀`●)

for Leya ;u;